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Greeting to all magnanimous attendees at the 4th Biotechnology Student Conference.

Communication is one of the mysteries of the advancement of science and innovation. Conference is one of the important pillars of the relationship between scholars and students. Scientists, students and researchers will come from different geographic locations to the Biotechnology Student Conference, and each of them has many facilities and knowledge to collaborate. Students and researchers deserve to use this event in an optimal way. The most important state for research is the clever question of a research as proposal. This question is usually raised by senior scientists with experience and knowledge that young students can be benefited. I draw the attention to student, a discussion with other researchers which is more important than presenting own papers. The science is shaped by discussion with researchers, especially senior scholars. Today, the field of biotechnology has gained a high status in global and economic science. Students should be able to observe the new global horizons of biotechnology and affiliated sciences to find the first and most original subject in scientific literature and to place their dissertations. Another important recommendation is that students should benefit from interdisciplinary area to better learn their specialized science.

In the end, I would like to thank all those involved in this nice conference.


Ali A. Moosavi-Movahedi